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Urban Sketching Workshop

  • Fri, September 24, 2021
  • Sat, September 25, 2021
  • 2 sessions
  • Fri, September 24, 2021, 9:00 AM 4:00 PM (CDT)
  • Sat, September 25, 2021, 9:00 AM 4:00 PM (CDT)
  • 8


  • One Day of workshop

Registration is closed

Friday and Saturday - September 24th and 25th

Urban sketching is gaining in popularity, and for good reason.  Using compact materials and supplies that can fit into a Ziplock® bag, you can sketch and paint anytime, anywhere, in just a few minutes.  It’s fast, it’s easy—and it’s fun!  Imperfection and creativity are strongly encouraged, and mistakes just make your sketches better!

For beginners, intermediate and non-artists alike, with several easy steps you will quickly learn how to do sketches of buildings, trees, flowers and people using artist’s tools and tricks. We will start with pencil and pen sketches, then add color with a small set of pan watercolors. We will continue working on these skills on the second day. Next we will experiment with other mixed media materials and different colors of paper, which will be available for you to use and borrow. By the end of the workshop you will have several sketches that you can keep or give away as post cards, greeting cards, bookmarks or small gifts. Perfect for journaling and for capturing vacation memories! 

In this workshop you will:

1.  Improve your drawing skills, including proportions and perspective, in a relaxed atmosphere where mistakes are encouraged.

2. Discover how to correct mistakes and/or incorporate them into your sketches to add more spontaneity and interest.

3.  Learn how to see values and mix colors, using a limited watercolor palette.

4.  Explore different styles of urban sketching and experiment with other mixed media materials to add color and interest, such as markers, water soluble crayons, gouache, etc.

5.  Become comfortable working in public areas while working in a group.

6.  Have FUN !!

We will meet at the WAL classroom in the mornings to learn new skills, progressing towards heading outside in the surrounding areas to practice what we learned.  

Questions? Contact your instructor, Kathy Fediw at Kathy.Fediw@comcast.net 

Urban Sketching Workshop 2020

Instructor:  Kathy Fediw

Cell Phone:  281-687-6966 

Email:  Kathy.Fediw@comcast.net

All of these supplies should be available at local hobby stores or online (Amazon.com, DickBlick.com, etc.)  Local stores such as Hobby Lobby and Michaels often have a coupon available online.  If you can’t find something on the list, let me know.  All of your supplies should fit in a Ziplock bag or cosmetic bag.


  • Blank hardbound watercolor sketchbook (or journal), approximately 5”x 8” works well, should not be larger than 6” x 9”.  Be sure to get one that is specifically for watercolors, 90 to 140 lb. paper.
    • Small set of pan watercolors with at least 8 colors.  Half-pan sets give you more colors in less space. Winsor & Newton and Sakura Koi make nice sets.  Student grade watercolors are fine.  If you have tube watercolors you can make your own pan set, just do an internet search for “DIY compact watercolor palette.”
    • Small tube of titanium white gouache or china white watercolor paint.
    • Water brush, small round mini or a set of 3. The Niji brand by Yasutomo work best and are least likely to leak, but other brands are fine.  These look like this, a different color is fine.


    • Waterproof, permanent black pen for drawing. Pigma Micron pen 05 or a Sharpie Ultra-fine pen work well.  If you prefer, you can use a fountain pen with waterproof black ink if you already have one.
    • 6” ruler or straight edge.
    • Regular old-fashioned #2 Pencil (wood or mechanical) or graphite stick for sketching.  No charcoal please.
    • Small kneaded eraser.
    •  whatever you need for comfortable outdoor sketching:  sunhat and sunscreen, bug spray, water, etc.   A camping stool or folding chair comes in handy but there will be chairs and benches in most of the places we go to.  We will be working both indoors and outdoors.


These items come in handy but are not a necessity. (see page 2)

1.Pieces of colored paper, Canson works well.  I’ll have some available for you to try.

2.Pocket-size color wheel.  

3.A couple of binder or bulldog clips to keep your sketchbook open.

4.ViewCatcher viewfinder like this one.pastedGraphic.png

5.Value finder (piece of red acetate—I will have some available for purchase if you decide you need one.)

6.Any other mixed media materials you already have, such as watercolor pencils, colored pencils, water soluble crayons, fountain pen, Conte crayons, markers, etc..  I will have most of these with me that you can borrow during the workshop.

7.Micro-mister spray bottle.

8.Beverages and snacks. 

I will have a number of books on urban sketching that you can look through during class, they are all available on Amazon.com 

Questions?  Feel free to call or text me at 281-687-6966 or email me at kathy.fediw@comcast.net

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