The Woodlands Art League typically has meetings once a month at the South County Community Center on the third or fourth Thursday of a month (depending on facility availability). 

With COVID-19 restrictions our meeting have been suspended until we have guidance from county officials on how to safely have meetings and the spaces we can use.  

The safety and health of our members is paramount.  We appreciate your patience and support and hope we can get together again soon!

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ART is what we do. Come join us!

"The Woodlands Art League" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

Mailing Address Only: 4747 Research Forest Dr. /Suite 180206, The Woodlands TX  77381

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September 2020

The Woodlands Art League may not be able to meet or function in our “normal” way right now, but we still have business and planning to do for when we can.  The board is working to ensure that WAL is still an important part of the arts community of The Woodlands.  Your support and membership are of the greatest importance to our future success.

The state of the Art League is this, our current active membership is approximately 120.  This is down some, due to some not renewing yet.  If you are interested in supporting our future and have not become an active member, please do so.  You can join via our website, by mail, or contact a board member to get started.  

Our financial situation is okay, given the restrictions on our activities.  We have $16,000 in our active account, $21,500 in our Reserve Fund, and a small CD worth $5500.  Currently, we have no major source of income beyond membership dues.  Other sources of income have included workshops, classes, and a portion of sales of artwork at WAL events.  Our expenses are relatively small, but we do have a few regular items to budget for (equipment storage, insurance, etc.)  With all this figured in, WAL is currently running a small year-to-date deficit of around -$577.

We are not part of the Woodlands Arts Council and receive no funding from them.  We have members who have volunteered to work the WAC Waterway Arts Festival, for which we do receive some donations from the WAC.  Recently, and especially now, this has not been a significant source of income.

Some have asked about seeking grants and donations.  While this is a goal of the board, we are only beginning to gather the information and records needed to satisfy the grant writing process.  When we can adequately present a solid proposal, we will do so.  But note that it is not a guarantee that a grant will be awarded.

Donations from corporations or individuals are always welcome.  We are trying to find people we talk with about donations and making connections within The Woodlands and surrounding area.  Connections are important, and the benefits may be long-lasting and not always financial.

The Woodlands Art League is at a bit of a crossroad, however.  We have been an organization for over 40 years.  As with any group of people, the organization must continually evaluate itself that it is meeting the needs and aspirations of its membership. 

Our basic goals have not changed.  We want to be a community of artists and supporters, based in The Woodlands area. We want to be a place where artists can meet to exchange ideas, socialize, and display their art.  We want to be an organization where artists can learn and that furthers education for the community.  We are part of The Woodlands, Oak Ridge, Shenandoah, Magnolia, and all the surrounding area.  Our members have come to expect that participation in WAL has benefits.

But what do we need to accomplish this mission?  You have an opportunity to let us know what you want WAL to be and to do for you.  All you need to do is voice your ideas to the board.  We have to have some sense of the direction we need to strive toward.  The board wants to hear from you, put together some ideas, and get everyone on board to take the Woodlands Art League into the future.

Contact any board member with your concerns, ideas, or offers to help WAL be your art league.

Thank you!

Dave Malin, President, for the Woodlands Art League Board.

WAL Members...

Just a quick note to share some information.  Since we are mostly confined to our homes, many of us are focusing on things other than art.  That's okay.  There are other priorities, and other distractions that make our creativity take a back seat for a while.  

But consider this, you are reading this because of one of the greatest marvels of the modern age, the internet.  With this unique portal, you can search for and find things you might never be able to experience live.  You can learn new things or discover new facets to things you may already know.  

The point is, take care of your health, physically, mentally, spiritually, and any other "-ally" you can.  Your creativity is just one part of healing.  You've got the tools to do incredible things.  So try them.  Do something different, maybe.  Experiment, learn, or just play.  It's okay to have fun.  Nobody's watching (unless you left your webcam on).

And, if you feel compelled to do something more "involved," think about sending a hand made card to a senior in a local facility.  Sew some masks for folks who are having trouble getting them.  (There are many videos and instructions on the web.)  Call someone on the phone and actually talk!  Or learn how to Skype (or equivalent) and see them!

You don't have to be a couch potato.  And when this is over, you can look back and say, "I am really glad I did that. Now what's the next thing I can do?"


The Woodlands Art League Facebook group is filled with information. instruction, and links to all sorts of art-related items that you can use!  Connect with your friends on Facebook, and join the Woodlands Art League Group today.

The Woodlands Arts Council has announced that the Waterway Arts Festival is being continued as a Virtual Event.  Please contact the Arts Council for information.

South County Community Center Art Show

Please be on the lookout for a notice regarding the changing of the art pieces on display at the Community Center.  If you had any art on display there during the shutdown, it is still there.

The Monday Morning Portrait Group

We've been advised that the Oklahoma Community Center will remain closed indefinitely.  So, the Monday Paintgroup is suspended until we can meet safely.    


Woodlands Area Art Trading Cards Group

Meet, Create, Trade, and Collect!

Art Trading Cards are tiny gems - 2-1/2" X3-1/2" - that you make  and trade with others. Any medium can be used, paints, collage, fabrics and more as long as they can fit into a standard trading card pocket. Create some to trade on the spot, or bring some with you in any state of completion. 

Bring your favorite markers, pens, scrapbooking materials, paints, etc or use ours the first time. Scissors, a fine line permanent pen such as a Sharpie or gel pens, and a glue stick are helpful. Don't have anything yet? Come anyway and begin your mini art collection.

RSVP through the link if you can; 

Group will meet at the South County Community Center, once a month. 

This group is sponsored for the community by the  Woodlands Art League. There is no charge and membership is not required. Adults and older teens with parent are welcome. Bring a friend or two!

for more info contact group leader, Teri Valentine, at

On-going Classes:

Acrylic Painting: with Lauren Combs: Mondays and tuesdays

New class - Colored Pencil:with Lauren Combs: Wednesdays 10:30 - noon

Members of WAL:  If you would like to have your art displayed in the slide show, please contact us at to purchase a $30.00 annual "Featured Artist" Ad. 

  Click Here to see our members' albums

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Meet the Executive Board and Directors

The Board is comprised of hard-working volunteers dedicated to growing our art community.

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 WWAF Liaison

Position Open

Dave Malin

Interim President

Sara Saravo

VP,  Community affairs

Tom LaRock 

VP, Internal Affairs

Lauren Combs

Past President; Membership Chair

Position Available

Elyse Taylor


Diana Jacobs 

Board Secretary

Fox  Robison


Judge Show CHair

 The Woodlands Art League, WAL, is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit based in The Woodlands, Texas and serves members in The Woodlands and surrounding Montgomery County area. The League’s purpose is to further the cause and interest in the visual arts through teaching, programs, demonstrations, exhibitions, and community involvement, and to form an arts community that supports and promotes  local artists. WAL is a member driven, all volunteer organization. Our league is a great organization in which to meet local artists, showcase your work, and make friendships that will last a life time! We would love for you to JOIN US today!

Partnership with the Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival


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