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ART is what we do. Come join us!

"The Woodlands Art League" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Texas ,

Mailing Address

701 Sawdust Rd,               The Woodlands, TX    77380

 June News Updates

NEWSLETTER / April 2016
Important Dates

           June 22nd - General meeting - Artists' Exchange 6:30 pm

June 24th - Portrait Painting Group Show at Studio in the Woods 3:00 - 7:00 pm

July 25th - Genuwine Tasting Room Show

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 President's Post

Lauren Combs,  WAL President

General Meeting - Thursday - June 22nd!  South Montgomery County Community Center on Lake Robbins Drive 6:30 pm. 

Bring a beverage...non-alcoholic, I fear...and a friend if you want.  WAL meetings are free and open to the public.

We would like everyone to bring a small piece of art for an artists' exchange. We have been encouraging our members to join the Art Abandonment Project...and will continue to do so...but at the end of our year, before we go off traveling or just kick back and relax ... or maybe melt in the Houston heat...we can give our fellow artists a gift, and receive one in return. The cost to make it should be under $25...giving us a small budget for an inexpensive 5X7 frame (use a coupon!), or a mat and backing for that sketch or watercolor...a little box for a piece of jewelry or sculpture. We will have white tissue paper to wrap them in and draw numbers to select from the table for a prize. Just like a Yankee Swap (although we Yankees might call it a Canadian swap) people will be able to choose a fresh gift or steal from another. Please make something you would be proud to have in your home and happy to give to a loved one. As my grandmother used to say, you should only make and give away the best of yourself!

I am planning on making some of the miniature palettes so we can again have name tags, and we have a lot to discuss during the meeting. Many plans for the coming months that I need feedback on.

And...one more thing! Please check your membership status if you attend a painting group or wish to participate in activities that are members only! This includes opportunities to demo, teach, and sell your work...or to paint at Open Studio afternoons. If you know of someone who truly is having a problem paying for their membership PLEASE let me know! I well know that people get laid off, run into medical issues, or have unexpected events strain their budgets, I will keep it confidentialand we will get them assistance for their dues! For the rest of us...who just ignore those emails from Woodlands Art League...well, we need to pay up before we are put on the inactive list and are unable to access the members sections of the website or the LSAG database...and can no longer paint with the groups. And I say this as a person who waited until my next-to-last notice before sitting down and getting it paid.

Due to summer travel and relatives visiting there will be no ATC group meeting this coming week It MAY be rescheduled to June 29th depending on Cindy's schedule.

Thanks to you all and I will see some of you at the General Meeting next Thursday!

Thank you all for your love of art!



Lauren Combs

Job Jar (Volunteers):  Our black cloths for tables at events need to be washed and dried.  We have not done this for over a year and it shows!




Ahead the summer looks pretty calm but we have many irons in the fire so expect more e-blasts as we announce new plans for workshops and classes.

May and early June were filled with events...demos, exhibits, and receptions. We would like to thank Wendy Paynter and the Woodlands Arts Council for the opportunity for several of our artists to participate in displaying their art in street booths and in a couple of storefronts. Big thanks to Tom LaRock for coordinating with Wendy and the artists...it was his first event as Artist Coordinator and the setups were wonderful! We have heard from WAC and they are planning other events throughout the year, and will appreciate our members' help with them as well! Those who wish to become involved as artists please sent an email to Tom (tom@tomlarockartist.com) with a (brief) artist's statement, several photos of your work, the type of event you can do and times available (weekends, evenings only, no weekends, etc). You may also note whether you need notice and how much...several weeks, 24 hours? Some events will be coordinated by me, others may be another member, some by Tom but he will be keeping the list of contacts for all

The reception at Studio in the Woods was quite nice and the show is continuing through the end of June. Considering the thunderstorms and flooding threats in the area, it had good attendance. Sales were light, but several people have asked for showings over the next couple weeks. I was pleased to do see that our space works well for this type of show and believe we can do at least one on our own later this year.

Sales at the Avant Garden Gallery at Northwoods Church are increasing, with new publicity strategies which increased attendance! If your place of worship is a sponsor of the arts, and if they might be interested in partnering with WAL artists, please have them contact me.

Brenda McDougall was the demo artist at Crush Wine Bar this past week and, as seen in photos, was a hit! Attendance is definitely up every Wednesday night! Brenda made sales and on the spot we planned a workshop, got several sign-ups, a couple new members for WAL... JACKPOT! Participation in Crush events is encouraged as we will be selecting demo artists who will stay involved past their one-time demo. See me for details...or just come next Wednesday.

At the Studio in the Woods reception I was approached by the new owners of Genuwine Tasting Room in Magnolia and asked if we would be interested in having events there. I met with them last week and we are planning a show with demos on July 25th. This is still in the planning stages and more details will be released as we go. There will be several participants and the owners will have the final say on which artists they will invite and what type of art.



 Alcohol Ink Workshop for July!

with Brenda MacDougall

Saturday, July 22nd! Details TBA

Brenda, known on FB, Etsy, and other social media as YakiArtist, creates vibrant art on Yupo paper, tiles, and other surfaces using flowing alcohol inks. She is an active WAL member and leader of the Encaustic Wax Painting Group. Visit www.yakiartiststudio.com

In planning Stages! Keep an eye out! Will be posted on website when finalized.

Silk Painting - Annia Guillen

Abstract Acrylic Tryptich - Quimby Franovich

Hot and Cold Wax-  Lauren Combs (Sept 23/24)

Plein Air - Suzie Baker (October 25-28)


Show and Demo Opportunities


Candis Smith currently has artworks on exhibit at the Sean Anthony Salon, 3300 Chimney Rock Rd. Houston and NXTGEN Health & Wellness, 1570 S. Dairy Ashford, Houston.



The Portrait Painting Group led by Juan Cantavella is inviting all members and friends to their first group show at our studio on Saturday June 24th. There will be a wine and light bites reception from 3 to 7 PM. The portrait group has been painting each other; this show will highlight ten artists' work...100 portraits of our friends and colleagues!

"10 Artist painted by 10 artist"  10 different interpretations of each of us in different mediums and styles. 

Fred Hulser, Tatiana Khrupova, Lynda Hughes, Betty James, Ward Brewer, Ken Roy, Martha Wilcox, Lorie Scott, Anne Maree Healy and Juan Cantavella will be showing their portraits. 



Adult & Children's Art Classes

MARK KISTLER - WEEK OF JUNE 19TH - Afternoon drawing vacation camp







Two Week Introductory Special!

Time:   2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Dates:   July 11th &July 18th

           Location:   The Hobby Lobby Classroom,

                           SawdustRd., Spring, TX


Introductory Price: Two weeks for $35.00 (dates of 7/11 & 7/18)


StartingAugust 1st, 2017, there will be an ongoing

TuesdayDrawing class offered at 2 pm, at the location listed above.


   Price: $100.00 for 4 (2 hour) class sessions

    (4 weeks a month, payable on a monthlybasis)


$30.00 a class session


                     Registration:   Please call instructor to sign up for theclass.

Walk ins arewelcome, but space is limited.


                            Contact:   Nora Barber at (954) 909-3720


The course will follow student interests.

Independent study and group instruction

 will be available throughthis class.

The supply list can be individually adapted.


This isan adult Drawing course that is intended to be

a funway to speed up your drawing progress.

Studentsmust be at least 14 years of age.

Allskill levels welcome.


Nora Rule Barber has been a Certified Art Instructor for 19 years

She has a BFA in Fine Arts, 1992, from

Ringling College of Art & Design, Sarasota, FL

Member of the Woodlands Arts League

A portion of each class fee supports the Woodlands Arts League,So

 ThankYou for supporting the Arts in your area!

Website:  www.norasfinearts.com

email: nora26@yahoo.com



Time slots are definitely filling up; another artist is interested in holding Friday night mixed media classes also. 

For information on any of these classes please go to our website and look under the Events tab.

 Publicity and Social Media

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Lauren Combs, Greg Lannin or Corinne Smith 

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