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Painting with Gouache 

Instructor:  Kathy Fediw

Gouache is a fun alternative to oils, acrylics or watercolors—easy to use, easy to clean up, fast-drying and perfect for painting outdoors or while traveling. Their brilliant colors and ability to create impasto effects have made them a favorite of master artists for hundreds of years. In this intensive 2-day workshop we will learn the basics of using this medium, creating “little gems” of 5”x7” paintings, up to 8”x10” finished pieces. On the second day we will explore the use of non-traditional materials and methods with gouache to create more modern paintings. You’ll come away with at least 3-4 finished works of art that you can be proud to give as gifts or for display in your home. And you’ll have lots of fun exploring this media and making new friends!

For beginner to intermediate artists, or advanced artists who are new to gouache. First-time workshop students are welcomed! Students should be 16 years or older. See below for information on supplies. Please note that paper and a few other materials will be supplied by the instructor for $15, payable by cash or check to the instructor on the first day of the workshop.

Registration link: https://wal.wildapricot.org/event-4921226

Additional Information: Supplies List

Your instructor will be supplying you with paper plus a few other supplies for a $15 fee, payable in cash at the beginning of the workshop. 

You will need to purchase some other supplies. Most supplies can be purchased on DickBlick.com or Amazon. Some but not all materials are available at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.

  1. Set of tube gouache paints, at least 12 colors, preferably Holbein, set of 12 or 18 mini-tubes. Alternative is Miya or Himi Jelly Gouache sets, not as creamy but budget-friendly.  Other good brands include Winsor & Newton, M. Graham, and Schmincke. You will also need an extra tube of Titanium or Permanent White, any brand. . No pan gouache or other brands please. Please note that Acryla Gouache or Acrylic Gouache and regular watercolors are very different and will not be used during this workshop.
  2. Set of small synthetic short-handled brushes made for watercolors. Preferred: Richeson Grey Matters has a set in a convenient travel pouch, and similar sets can be found on Amazon or at local hobby stores. Brushes should be in a range of smaller sizes, short-handled and of various shapes such as rounds, brights or flats. 
  3. White or beige artists or drafting tape, no blue!
  4. Small white or gray plastic tray or watercolor palette. A paper/plastic picnic plate or the styrofoam trays that come with meat bought at the grocery store also work well!
  5. Cheap paper towels, and an apron if you prefer.

 Optional: If you are used to painting vertically on an easel feel free to bring along a tabletop easel. 


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