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Oil Painting with American Landscape Painter Bruce Peil

Oil Painting Workshop with Susan Hotard

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Bruce Peil - American Landscape Painter 


May 19 - 21 (Thursday  - Saturday)

9AM to 4PM

WAL Members - $450

Non-WAL Members - $500

Bruce Peil Workshop class description

My workshops start with a lecture where I talk about how and what I think about while I am painting. I show charts with examples about color, values, composition, contrast, edges, etc. This leads to the students asking questions which always leads to other topics.

I do color mixing examples showing how to mix any color using only the three primaries. This usually takes the whole first morning.

In the afternoon the students get set up and we start to do color and value mixing exercises while it is still fresh in their mind after just seeing me do it.

The second day we start looking at subject matter to start painting. My easel stays set up where I can go back to give examples of what we are talking about. I go to each student to help with questions.

I encourage everyone to paint small because we will be doing several starts in this workshop. My goal is not to work on one painting for the entire class until its finished. I believe one can learn more by doing several starts with limited time in order to learn the process of an accurate start. Most paintings fail because of a failed start and it all goes down hill from there. At times I will set a timer to challenge students to see how much they can get done in thirty minutes or less.

This helps them see the importance of only painting the essentials, the masses, and ignoring the clutter.

I also do demos when needed. Everyone receives a material list prior to the class.

I encourage everyone to bring photos to paint from when in the studio. I will also have many photos for the class to use.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This workshop teaches basics that all levels of artists can benefit from. Those who are Intermediate - advanced knowledge of oil painting, color, drawing and composition is preferred, but Beginners with some experience would also benefit. 

Limit of 20 Students 

Supply list and further details provided to class participants.


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Artist Bio:

Bruce Peil was born in 1946 and raised in Oklahoma and now resides in Athens, Texas.  He is a Signature member of the Oil Painters of America,  the Co-Founder and Signature member of the Outdoor Painters Society,  the American Impressionists Society, the Oklahoma Society of Impressionists, and has been featured in Southwest Art Magazine, Art Talk, The Artists Magazine, Art of the American West and Art Journey America, Landscapes.

His work has shown in the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Okla. City, The Salmagundi Club, in New York City,  The Texas State Capital building,  The Gilcrease Museum of Art and the Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa, Okla. and the Albuquerque Art Museum, among others.

Whether it is a majestic mountain scene or the more simple pastoral scenes in the area where we live,  it’s that fleeting moment in time that I strive most to capture in my paintings.  I want the viewer of my paintings to feel as though they are experiencing that moment in time.  My goal is to capture the truth about the subject without over exaggerating the color, and without too many unimportant details that can only distract the eye from the main idea, which is the feeling of the light and air.”

“I have been influenced by many great artists both past and present, but my goal has always been to let my own style evolve naturally and to make my own statement.”

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