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Cory Webb


Inspired by nature, I am particularly drawn to how natural light defines shape, color and depth.  How it compels me to stop and observe. How it challenges me to look beyond expectation.  I have found that the most amazing moments in nature are a synthesis of events, random yet appear so spectacularly planned. My appreciation for this profound beauty has continued to influence the way that I paint and express myself.

I work layer by layer abstraction into a definitive vision.  Each unique piece emits a feeling of the familiar and the allure of the unknown.

Artist Bio

Cory grew up in a rural town on the west coast of Canada, surrounded by the very nature that inspired him to become an artist. Cory has been happy to call Houston his home now for 7 years with his wife and two young children.  Cory's passion for art first blossomed as a young boy as he painted along with the late Bob Ross during his 'The Joy of Painting' television episodes.  Since then, art has become an integral part of who he is.  He worked as an artist in addition to a career in software development for many years before his passion for creating art and sharing it with others had grown so deep that he knew that it was meant to become his sole focus.  Cory creates many different styles of art including contemporary, abstract, and landscapes.  His most recent work uses a pop art style to create exclusive work for Crust Pizza Co.’s restaurant locations.



Please contact Nora via the following:

Email: corywebbart@gmail.com

Website:   @corywebbart

Instagram: @corywebbart

Facebook: CoryWebbArt

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