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Carla Pairett-Parker


Carla Pairett Parker is a self taught artist born and raised in Deer Park, Texas area. From an early age she expressed her artistic ability,  winning art competitions through out her school years. Her mother would sit for hours drawing figures and scenes and taught Carla the love of creating your own world in art. Every Sunday she would watch Bob Ross on TV and be fascinated with think how a blank canvas turns into such beautiful works of art.

Mrs. Parker and her brother were raised by paraplegic parents, who lead completely normal lives, with jobs, and car, a home and annual vacations. Being from Texas hunting and fishing were among their favorite pastimes.  David and Nettie Pairett taught their children to never be a burden but to take what life gives you and make something of it. 

Both parents passed away when Carla was in her early twenties. She was at the time raising her son Jacob and had to focus on keeping a roof over their heads, sometimes working two or three jobs just to keep afloat. This left nether time nor energy to create actual physical works of art however mentally the painting were still being created. She would feel the brush in her hand and see the blush of color on the canvas in her dreams. 

Fast forward to present where Carla is married to her wonderful husband Steve, her son Jacob has grown into an outstanding young man. She realizes that time has passed and that if she doesn’t put brush to canvas all the art in her head will die with her. Starting small she begins creating pieces that please her and soon people begin to take notice and request commission pieces of their own. 

One of her first pieces Beach Birds was accepted into the Color of Humanity’s online  showing. Mrs. Parker is a member of the Oil Painters of America and The Woodlands Art League. She is working on putting together a significant portfolio and entering regional and national juries competitions. You can view her work at www.carlapairettparker.com and Instagram as @carla_pairett_parker. Install the app to find her photos and videos. https://instagram.com/download/?r=1786375892




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