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WAL in the Community

These are the wonderful people in our neighborhood who WAL's artist members have helped support through their time and talent. Scroll down to read more about these community projects!

 Woodlands Waterway Art Festival 

WAL at work

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"The Woodlands Art League" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Texas ,

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The Woodlands High School Art Trust

The Woodlands high School Art Trust (TWHSAT)

In 2011, The Woodlands High School created  a new art acquisition program. Professional art is chosen by students to be permanently displayed on the walls of The Woodlands High School. The collection exposes students to art throughout each day but will also be used to enrich curriculum in areas such as language arts and social studies.  The inspiration for this new program came from the Greater Latrobe Senior High School in western Pennsylvania. Its  unique collection of over 200 pieces of art was started over 70 years ago and continues to grow each year. It is a fascinating reflection of the tastes, history and concerns of high school students for the last seven decades. It is a community treasure.

The Woodlands High School Art Trust has been established to organize and  maintain this art collection chosen and purchased by the students. The role of this 501 (c)3 Art Trust is to assist the students in selecting artists/works to be considered for the final group of (approximately) 15 pieces that the student body will vote on. Each piece of art along with information on each professional artist is presented to the student body. The students vote on their favorite piece thereby giving each student ownership in the selection process.  It is hoped that the collection will reflect the tastes and the times of each passing year as pieces are added to the collection. The students use funds from the Homecoming dance to purchase the paintings.  The decision on which pieces will be added to the collection will be made from the top five student choices.

To achieve the goal of conservation and proper display of the selected pieces, the Art Trust annually presents “Paintings & Palettes.”  On the night of the unveiling of the student selected pieces, 100 wooden artists palettes are offered for silent auction.  The palettes have been distributed to students, teachers and professionals to be turned into pieces of art.   Purchases of the palettes are tax deductible and the proceeds are applied to items such as lighting, UV protection and security of the new collection.  Donations can also be made directly to the Art Trust to support the program.

Our thanks will forever go to the Greater Latrobe School District Art Conservation Trust.  Inspired by the art collection of his alma mater, Ray Mt. Joy approached the Greater Latrobe School District in 2010 about the possibility of repeating this vision in The Woodlands.  With the support of The Woodlands High School and Conroe Independent School District, Ray and Pam Mt. Joy have pursed this dream of starting a student-chosen and student-purchased art collection at The Woodlands High School.  Lead by Barbara Nakles, Chairperson of the Art Conservation Trust, and the support of the Greater Latrobe School District, they been instrumental and exceedingly generous in sharing their experience and knowledge of this type of collection. We are sincerely thankful to the visionary Latrobe High School teachers who conceived of such a collection, the Greater Latrobe School District Art Conservation Trust who are preserving the vision  and the Mt. Joys who are pursuing this dream in The Woodlands.

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